Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Morning and Daily Habits… Plus Kid… Different but Doable!

Both this post from The Muse and this post from Fast Company came across my screen today. Similar content, all good habits to do in the morning or throughout the day. I noticed the absence of how to kick off a day well if you are a parent (and an entrepreneur, or executive, or any career). Thought I'd share a few observations on how the routines are different when Small People are involved.

Quiet, still, undisturbed meditation right off the bat is off the table! I get woken up early by a darling little voice calling "Mommy! I am up and want to go downstairs! Get up!" If I don't respond within a few seconds, a darling little body jumps on top of me with an eager, excited face ready to start the day.

We do a big hug and kiss as a ritual before going downstairs. I still make that perfect cup of coffee, in a regular drip machine. In fact, she helps me, and loves scooping out the grounds. If I take a shower, she takes advantage of this by getting into my makeup, so planning the day in the shower is out- too busy cajoling her to please play with toys instead of ruining stuff and making a mess. The recommendations on drinking water first thing and eating a healthy breakfast are ones I can do better on. I check email and make early calls if needed while she eats breakfast (after I make it while drinking my coffee) then clean up before getting dressed (learned that important order after one too many oatmeal splotches on suits while running to a meeting).

Yet, I do prioritize well, find time to *try* to be more centered, practice gratitude, and other ideas in the linked blog posts. I reserve time to get organized while at the office after I've dropped my girl off at school. I plan for the next day before leaving work and scan the week ahead. I keep priority and action lists. I do some personal reflecting after my child is asleep at night. Guided meditations are great for falling asleep to. I don't get exercise in every day, but do when I can. Chasing a kid is exercise too, lol. (no really, it is). I do have a journal by my bedside with different goals and tracking exercises. And I credit myself for doing plenty enough for one human in a day. I do a whole lot.

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