Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Work Wear… 2015

What are this year's trends in what is okay / not okay for women at the office during summer? Meaning not fashion, but 'rules'- what is acceptable in office cultures.

Now on either extreme end of the spectrum, the answer is… extreme. Tech company with young demographic in staff jobs: anything goes. Fancy law firm or bank: still wearing pantyhose.:(

For the rest of us who work somewhere in the middle… what are you seeing? At my office, an F500 company headquarters with a traditional vibe and older workforce, I see a mix of bare legs and pantyhose, lots of ankle pants, dresses/skirts, usually sleeves of some sort when inside. Rarely socks with shoes. The usual sedated colors with some bright ones mixed in, jewel tones and the occasional pattern. Cotton and silk blouses.

The more relaxed feel of summer dressing is very welcome. Basic rules still apply… for example nothing too revealing or see-through. Prioritize fit and fabric. Choose lined bottoms. Avoid outfits that might seem too girly or distracting. Be comfortable, have fun, and be glad us women are not stuck in pants and button ups (or worse, ties) all summer! Pictured- one of my favorite summer tops- DVF silk found at a consignment shop a few years ago.

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