Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekend Spots: Montreal

Dear Montreal,
Could you be any more delightful in the summer?
So lovely. 

What makes a place pleasant? On business in Montreal the past few days, I could not help but think about what combination of qualities create the perfect atmosphere.

Geography. Are there natural features of beauty or visual interest? If a location lacks water or varied topography, the built environment can add aesthetic appeal.

Charm. Quaint buildings, interesting architecture, narrow streets? Yes please.

Safe and Clean. Low crime, drinkable water, fresh air? Super.

Food. Quality, variety, local specialties? Yum. Cafes a plenty? Happy.

Walkability. Are there pedestrian-only areas? Can I wander around different areas on foot?

Weather. Can I be outside comfortably most of the time? Not unbearably hot or cold?

Montreal nails it in all of these during the summer. Plus the people are stylish and out in full force enjoying life. While *most* of my time was spent in conference rooms, I got out for a truly gorgeous walk to the Atwater Market, a cool Art Deco landmark building surrounded by flower vendors, along the Lachine Canal crossing its light green iron bridges, back through Little Burgundy for a languid dinner at a darling cafe on Rue Notre Dame in Griffintown. I got the seat just behind the bike pictured here.

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  1. Dear Robin,
    I am thrilled that you like Montreal. It happens to be my favorite city in the entire world.
    It has all the advantages of a small town with most of the advantages of a big city + it is very beautiful + the people are very friendly. What more can you ask for? Who knows, one they we may even meet there?
    Bon Voyage!
    I am the author of Missing Links