Friday, July 31, 2015

Thank you to all the caretakers.

Thank you to all the caretakers. Those who are taking care of an ill parent or parents. An elderly veteran friend. Little children who can't yet meet their own needs. The disabled and struggling. Those who do it on the side of day jobs, those for whom it is your work, those who have given up working for pay to care for family or friends. Thank you for what you do day in and day out, tirelessly and selflessly. 

You know who you are, or you know some of them. They aren't catching a show tonight, or running a marathon tomorrow. They are helping someone else live better through the daily slog of must-do's: meals, cleaning, bathing, paperwork, doctor visits, laundry. We all need to be taken care of at different times in life. It is not easy to be the one in need or the one devoted to another. At times frustration, resignation, sadness, exhaustion, yet also joy, companionship, connection. Plenty of people eject when things get tough. I have deep gratitude and admiration for all all those who stay, and care.

To my buddy Howard who has cared for his disabled wife for three decades: your patience and dedication inspire me. So proud of you for finishing that built-from-scratch house she can get in and out of now. To my colleague Kev, who is standing by his wife during her battles with cancer: thank you for being there for her. To George, who has spent the last 12 years of his retirement caring for his business partner post-stroke, I can't imagine what you meant to him or what he'd have done without you. To my friend Jo, what you did to help your dad before he passed was all and more that you could do. To my neighbor Lisa, who quit working to care for her preemie now toddler, you are amazing and a pillar of our community. You are people that make the world one I want to be in. Thank you!

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